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Cheap Price Rent Room at Singapore

Don't Miss it Cheap House For Rent in Singapore!

Don’t go everywhere if you don’t enough prepare of where the place want to stay at night.
You can choose here several rent house and the price to rent a house or just looking room to overnight.

Marina Bay Residences

Strategical place of Marina Bay residence is a stone trow away from the Waterfront Gardens, multi million Integrated Resort and the marines. Marina Bay Residences provides the high end and sleek modern living that everyone dreams of. It offers residents a superb selection of business and pleasure activities.

Price: from USD 250 per night.
Check in: 2:00 pm
Check out: 12:00 pm

Soho Beach Road Studio Apartment 2

Located along Liang Seah Street, where delightful treats varies, from great hawker fare to lavish cuisines, you can indulge in one of Singapore’s greatest pastimes. Near of Supermarkets, fast food chains and coffee joints like Starbucks coffee are also easily accessible at Bugis Junction and Suntec City Mall.

Price from USD 125 per night.
Check in: 2:00 pm
Check out: 12:00 pm

Room Facility:
Microwave Oven
Starhub Cable TV
Projection Television
Hot Plate
Internet Broadband
Laundry Service
Attached Bathroom and Toilet
Daily cleaning services provided (except Sundays and Public Holidays)

Other important point for rent house it should be free from bacteria and viruses. Also you can see other Cheap house for sell.

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Cheap House For Sale

Tips on To Buy Cheap House

Even they offer you a cheap price of the house you still must check the following conditions:
  • All house certificate, are all certificate that is show to you is origin or just copy you really interested, check the name owner is already mention the same with people that offer the house to you. If not same you must check further because this can be complicated for you.
  • House condition check all the house condition like frame house, base foundation, location, environment (neighborhood, water source, electric source)
  • Check the price are normal or too high for that location. For now only that advise I know may be you can add other advise. Please comment!
Several house for sale with low price in Jakarta, find the location of the house on picture:

Cheap house at Sawangan Depok, house at Cluster Green Park Sawangan for sale. If you want rent some room in Singapore check this first Cheap Rent Room in Singapore.

Friday, September 15, 2017

Living House

Indonesian Living Culture

Indonesia’s indigenous cultures share as an animist world view which to varying extents has been integrated with the newer world religious like Islam and Christianity. Many objects and aspects of nature which others might regard as inanimate have a subjective personality. Ideas about nature, religion and cosmology have all been major influences shaping vernacular architecture and the meanings invested in spatial arrangements.

Each region have their own traditional house:

Traditional House in Central Java

Central Java House Model

Traditional House in West Java

West Java house model

Traditional House in Minangkabau - Padang

Minang Kabau - Padang house Model

Traditional House in Tana Toraja - South Sulawesi

Tana Toraja - South Sulawesi House Model

Traditional House in Bali

Bali house Model

Living Architecture

In a universe in which everything can be potentially communicated with, human must strive to maintain harmony with their environment. Houses must be building properly and with the appropriate rituals to ensure that they will not cause harm to their owners. People tend to trace their ties to each other as ‘trunk’ to ‘tip’. Images of the growth of trees or bamboo are used to speak of the development of kinship groupings. The house itself may be made sacred by the presence of ancestors, and is the store for powerful heirlooms.

Adding life to Buildings in Bali

The Balinese regard the cosmos as divided into three, the upper, middle and lower world. Orientation is usually towards to mountain and away from the sea. The pattern also enclosed in the division of the body into head, trunk and legs. The most sacred direction in the house compound is the northeast, where the family shrines are located, the next important building, the enclosed sleeping room of the householders, is an empty space, used for daily activities. To right and left (like the arms of the body) are open pavilions, and the kitchen and granary are to the south (the legs). The gate is associated with the sexual organs, the rubbish pit in the backward with the anus. The overlay of organizing metaphors house, body, cosmos used to be quite typical in many Indonesian societies. All buildings in Bali must be brought to life to through construction rituals and by the adding on of a certain additional amount to each measure, called Anthropomorphic Measurements used in Balinese House Constructions.

Thursday, September 14, 2017

Choose Your House Style and Model

Many Kind of House Style

Here will discussed about house style and model, design, architecture and many others in related with house model. You must planning the model from the beginning, from choose the place and the form of your land should be in your mind first. Better if you have any model in your mind or you have dream certain model in your mind to be your house.

If you have a certain model, than you must determine the form, place and land contour for your house. This is important because if your choice is not suitable with your dream house, your house can't be changed after you erected.

The important point of choosing the model, should suit with your expense money or your budget for those model. If your budged too high from your money condition this will make you difficult to realize. The house style and house model is your decision because you will living there for long time.

England House Style

England House Style 1

England House Style 2

Italian House Style


Italian House Style1

Italian House Style2

Austrian House Style

Austrian House Style1

Austrian House Style2